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Urs Heßling

hi, Hubertus,

these data
"Z-21" Cdr.(10.06.39-10.04.40). "Z-28"+ Cdr.(09.08.41-11.02.43). "Z-27"+ Fl.Cdr.
can be misunderstood.
Erdmenger was Flottillenchef of 8th Destroyer Flottilla and died on "Z 27" on which Schulz was CO
(for Kothe you used the abbreviation "Flot Chef")

I think I said this before ..
If you use abbreviations, use the correct ones and use them throughout ...
- Kdt for Kommandant
- Flo-Ch für Flottillenchef (nicht 100%ig sicher, andere Info?)

greetings, Urs
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I would suggest

Kommandant 8. Zerstörerflottille = CO DESRON (Destroyer Squadron) 8

For small Flottillas one could use the term DESDIV (Destroyer Division)




Hi Urs, Ritchie,

With the abbreviations I change them when updating crew name info.
with the updating system used I have to rewrite in all info again, it's a lot more work than just changing a line.
Think I have changed most schnellboot Cdr. to Kdt.
Changes will happen.Dank.
Cheers Herb.
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