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Begonnen von Carlos Benemann, 25 März 2022, 12:15:52

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Carlos Benemann

Pries, Heinrich. 3. Division. Graf Spee: MtrOGfr. Cédula 213. Geb: 20.08.1917. April 1940 in der Provinz Mendoza interniert. Mit der Highland Monarch am 16/2/1946 repatriiert. (Quelle: Carlos Benemann)

HUBERTUS: Please note his name is PRIES, not Pies


Thanks Carlos,

I have been hit lots of pages full of names.
It is going to take a long time of work to do.
But your lists are going to be done first.

Cheers Herb.
There are no roses on a sailor's grave
No lilies on an ocean wave
The only tribute is the seagull's sweeps
And the teardrops that a sweetheart weeps


Carlos Benemann

Thank you Hubertus for your kind consideration regarding prioritizing the conclusion of this Graf Spee work.
Yes, I am aware that you just got hit with a bunch of additional new material.
(By the way, so did I from a British source)
I'd say the Graf Spee saga is now nearing it's conclusion since almost 90% of the names, personal data and Photos are now in.
I am sorry it is so slow, but it requires careful review of every single detail located in numerous locations and collections.
Having a fairly complete data index of the large crew of this battleship will be a mayor accomplishments for all of us on HMA.
Currently I would like to stop work  for a while on this once all the 1056 contingent that landed and was interned in Argentina has been entered.
Eventually, once things slow down a bit we could work on the ones that were interned in Uruguay and of course the battle casualties and escapes in/from Uruguay. One step at a time.
Cheers, Carlos

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