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BE Corijn

Hi All,

The failed attack by ORP Sokol on 15 July 1941 was not on the German (former Belgian) passenger/cargo vessel Badouinville.
This ship only departed Royan around 0130B/16 with destination St. Nazaire escorted by M 25, M 27 and F 6.
She could thus not have been the target of Sokol at 0424A/15.

The target of Sokol was the tanker Ermland which had departed La Pallice around 2150B/14 for St. Nazaire where she arrived around 0800B/15. Ermland was escorted by M 18 and M 30.

ADM 199/1854
KTB Kommandant seeverteidigung Loire / Gironde 1-15 July 1941 (NARA, T 1022, roll 2355, PG 37179)
KTB M 30 1-15 July 1941 (NARA, T 1022, roll 3169, PG 72086)

I have changed the entry on Sokol's page on

Kind regard,
Brian Corijn
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Thanks a lot, Brian.
I have changed ASA-entry, as well.
In your history, you should delete the passus "ex Belgian" (appearantly a relict from "Baudouinville")
With best regards

BE Corijn

Thanks Thomas,

I corrected the 'ex Belgian' which indeed was a leftover from the previous 'Badouinville' entry.

Kind regards,

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