How and where did the R-218 sink?

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Rohwer writes
In der Nacht vom 18./19.8.1944 kommt es bei Le Tréport und Cap d´Antifer zu Gefechten von Booten der 36. M-Flottille und der 14. R-Flottille mit Melbreak, MTB 212, MTB 208, MTB 209 und MTB 210. Dabei wird R 218 torpediert und versenkt.
R-218 belonged to the 10th R-flotilla.

War diary SKL writes
Submarine chasers and groups of motor minesweepers were several of times engaged with destroyers, motor minesweepers and gun boats off Cap Antifer when being transferred from Dieppe to Le Havre. Two enemy motor minesweepers were set afire. Direct hits were observed on destroyers and motor minesweepers. Motor minesweeper R "218" was lost out of sight and damaged by a shell
and later sunk by a torpedo according to the reports of rescued men. The most of the survivors were picked up by British boats.

Help please find out which German ships participated in the battle in which the R-218 was sunk, as well as the circumstances of the death of R-218.



R.218 with R.233/235/236 and UJ.1431/1433
R.218 was damaged by shell, both motors was out. She was left behind, and then sunk by torpedo. Details must be in UJ.1431's KTB, which was Geleitfuhrer. I haven't this document.
18 men from R.218 was captured by british and 5 men on "German" shore.


Thank you, igor:TU:)

Probably German ships fired on HMS Melbreak. MTBs Type White were armed only with 20-mm guns of Oerlikon and machine guns.


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