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HISTORY of IRONCLADS: before the Ironclad (Youtube Video)

Begonnen von Totemgam, 16 Mai 2021, 17:29:34

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More than ten years have passed since my sincere and long-standing passion for the navy of the age of armor and steam turned out to be in demand by a small team of like-minded people. All these years I have made every effort to ensure that as many people as possible can share my passion. I wrote historical articles and books, I helped make computer games, and now I turned to a new format of communication for me.

Video talks about how steam technology has changed the sailing fleet. If the interest in my work turns out to be sufficient, then I plan to separately show rare photographs of ships of the 1850s, and then return to the first ironclad battleships.

Your opinion on this video is really important to me. I want to know if I should continue this story? What can be improved?

P.S. In our age of satiety, it is difficult for us to devote our attention to even interesting information, and therefore thanks for your time!


HISTORY of IRONCLADS: the development of steamship tactics (Youtube Video)

During the Crimean War of 1854-1855, both the French and the British had squadrons of steam ships, but there were no tactics for using them in battle. Only after the conclusion of peace was it possible to organize a series of tests in order to test in reality the existing theories of various complex formations.

Thanks for your time!

Nikolaus Sifferlinger


some feedback.

Interesting overview of that period.
With 7 minutes short enough to keep the viewers onboard.

Will be interesting to see the next parts from the period 1858 until 1870.

Best regards


Richard Aigner

Totemgam, thank you for posting the videos!

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