Submarine and oberstlieutenant, Norway, june of 1945

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I'm researching a story about an accident involving Norwegian soldiers in Svolvær, northern Norway, just a few weeks after the capitulation (9th of june 1945). These soldiers were looking for a german marine lieutenant that was serving on a sub: Oberstleutnant z. See: Helmut Köchter.
He was among a submarine crew that came from Narvik and sent to Svolvær in Lofoten (they were allocating german soldiers in the area to a new prison camp).

From my understanding, after reading different online pages, he must have been a part of Helmut Möhlmanns 14th Submarine fleet. Möhlmann was among 180 germans that was stuck on Svolvær when their ship Nymphe (originally known as Tordenskjold by us Norwegians) went ashore just minutes after departing from Svolvær 17th of may 1945. Möhlmanns sign from the uboat was found on the island just a few years ago.
Documents mention that a submarine is docked close to the half-sunken Nymphe, and is still there 9th of june when the Norwegian soldiers go to look for Köchter.
The submarine is not mentioned by name. I only know these names of the officers.
You can see Nymphe crashed here. No sub on this picture though.

Does anyone know of  Obersleutnant z. See Helmut Köchter, or know where I should look? I know nothing about him and struggle to find his name connected to submarines. They claim he must have been one, because they find equipment that "signals that he is". He might even have been under Helmut Möhlmann for a while, and it's possible to find Köchter through Möhlmann. But for all I know he might have gotten the equipment for his escape from someone else and that he might be a partt of the Nymphe warship crew.

If anyone reads this and can help It would be much appriciated :)



The rank will be Oberleutnant z.See.
An Oberstleutnant does not exist in the navy. The equivalent in the navy would be Fregattenkapitän.
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