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Hallo everybody!

On June 6th 2024, the web map of ( will display the new data set we are preparing since last November.

On the Allied side, the Airborne units, 101st US, 82nd US, and 6th Br Para, will all have the official unit diaries displayed down to Regiment (US) and Brigade and Battalions (Br).

On the German side, the unit icons will rise from the current 700 to 5800 for the month of June only! This is my personal work and the source are the "Lage Frankreich" maps. In the following months July and August 1944 will be uploaed, too, reaching September 1944 that's already online.
I suggest you to go and see the web map on June 5th and then come back the day after on June 6th to see the difference!

I hope you will all enjoy my work, and understand that's possible to expand the map with more data.
Since here are many Navy people, I invite you to think about mapping ships. It would be great to add the naval picture to the whole!

Best Regards

PS: if you find any errors please inform me, and I'll see if we can sort it out.
PPS: we are always open to contributions!


Hello Federico!

Many thanks for inviting your project!  :TU:)
Gruß, Thorsten

"There is every possibility that things are going to change completely."
(Captain Tennant, HMS Repulse, 09.12.1941)

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a nice project indeed. Looking forward to further details.
Best regards

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