Steam trawler SAN RAMON, built at Bremerhaven

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de domenico

Dear friends,

I am completing a  fourth instalment of my painstaking research work about trawlers and whalers in the Regia Marina Italiana (the first one was about the 24 Fischdampfer built in Germany in 1924 as war reparations, the second one about the 22 Norwegian-built whalecatchers purchased in 1916, the third one about the 10 chalutiers  chartered from France in 1915), and I am seeking help about the steam trawler SAN RAMON, built by A.G. Seebeck in Bremerhaven in 1903 probably for a Spanish shipowner unknown to me (senator Carranza, Cadiz?). On 10.2.1916 she was purchased in Spain by the Regia Marina (together with 10 other Spanish trawlers) and became the vedetta-dragamine SERPENTARA, stricken on 5.5.1920 and sold mercantile under the same name in the Red Sea (Massawa), operating until about 1930-31.

Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.

de domenico

I must confess that I had high hopes in an intervention by good Klaus-Guenther...


Ich habe da im Angebot:
Baunummer 197
Bauauftrag ca. November 1902, Eventuell von einer Hamburger Firma (Makler?)
Stapellauf Juni 103, Ablieferung Juli 1903 für
Vazquwz Casanova, Huelva
149 BRT
32,31 x 6,40 x 3,14 m, Sh= 3,50 m

Gruß Hans

de domenico

maurice voss

Hello Francesco,

Not a vessel you are looking for but maybe a photo of the PIOMBINO (here as Belgian PRESIDENT PINNOY).


maurice voss

de domenico

MAUMUSSON  became in May 1915  the Regia Marina vedetta-dragamine MONSONE (i), lost on  23 Febr. 1916 on a mine laid by UC 12 off Durazzo (Durresi). One of 10 French chalutiers chartered to the Regia Marina in May 1915 to facilitate Italy's entry into WWI. Thank you, Maurice.

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