Sinking of steamers NINA, MILANO, ITALIA, ARBOREA, 1944

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these four ships were all lost while under German control after the armistice. NINA was sunk by a mine off Genoa on 20 February 1944; she was apparently escorted by UJ 2208 which was also lost on the same minefield? The other three were all lost to air attack in the Adriatic Sea: ARBOREA near Sibenik on 17 January 1944, after being damaged by a series of air strikes between 12 and 17 January; MILANO near Sibenik, also between 12 and 17 January 1944 (any details?); ITALIA off Arsia (or in Trieste?) on 6 July 1944. I wonder if German records contain info about the casualties and survivors among their crews?


Yes, UJ 2208 was lost on the same minefield as Nina. Both ships were hit within three minutes.
According to war diary from the completement of 80 men of UJ 2208 61 were killed. From Nina seven people survived, but I don't know how many were on board.
Also I don't know if maybe later any survivors died in hospital.

Arborea was attacked on 13.01.1944 by eight fighters, which hit with two bombs. No casualties, even though the ship was burning all over.
The ship is not mentioned any further in the war diary C-in-C Adria, especially not on 17.01.1944.

Milano was attacked in Sibenik harbor on 14.01.1944 at 10:45 and capsized at 12:30. 3 dead, 3 wounded, 5 missing.

Italia: Attack by ten planes on 06.07.1944 on 19:33 in Arsa bay. One hit amidships, ship started to burn. Two men AA gunnery personal and 2 italian crew members missing, one AA gunner and one man from harbor watch wounded.
07.07.1944, 01:20, ship is burning completely, ammunition exploded.
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