U533 wreck found

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Hallo alle,
einige Freunde von mir, haben (letzten freitag) ein u-boot wrak gefunden in Oman.
Hier eine kurze beschreibung vom tauchgang.

nach die beschreibung vom tauchgang, ein wenig mehr info zur u-boot.

Balt kan ich hoffentlich auch bilder vom wrak 'posten'.
Ich habe eine kleine skitzte vom u-boot, wenn interesse, kann ich die auch posten.

ZitatAfter 3 long years of searching, training, 1 trip to a chamber and broken heart , we finally found the the wreck of the U-533 in the Gulf of Oman. The U-533 went down in October 1943 and no one had seen it until Friday. Our team headed out on a Dhow at 1 am on Thursday to the site We arrived at 5:30 am tired and excited as no one had really slept well the night before. My buddy for this dive was Phi Le , whom most of you know. After an hour of searching , the first team of divers went down on CCR.  Now , this sub lies at 110 meters !!!!!!  Pretty deep but we had been training for ages to dive to this depth. by training I mean , dives between 75-84 meters every weekend for nearly 14 months.  As the first divers surfaced , we were greeted by a  " HEY....WE FOUND HER!!!!" I could not belive my ears as it has been our project for nearly 3 years now. Phi and I waited for about another two hours for the second wave of divers to get in , which seemed like an eternity.Finally, it was time for us to dive. Phi and I geared up on the chase boat and headed toward the shot line that was on the wreck. For this dive , Phi was using the KISS rebreather with 2 bail out tanks. I had ,( funny part to most !!) 1. Twinset with 10/70.2. 80 cuft with 10/70 for to use on the bottom.3. 7 ltr with 35/25.4. 80cuft with 50%5. 80cuft with 100%. Phi and I started our decent and at 88m we were greeted by the biggest pelagics I had ever seen. As we carried on , our 18 watt HIDs with the EKPP reflector cut through the darkness like a light sabre. There she was , the U-533 in all its glory. Sad ,silent but happy that we found her. It is still a grave to the sailors still inside. We did not have long at that depth. We left after 12 mins, but I will never for get the sight of it all. The prop was on the sea bed which was at 115m but the rudder was still in tact . From a distance I could just about make out the conning tower .Time to leave, we had 112 mins of deco to carry out. The deco went well with no problems. On surfacing we all felt a great sense of achievement . Once we got back to the harbor, un loaded the kit , we all met up for a quick celebration drink before the drive home ( ice tea for most). It was at this point that we thought of John Bennett and his words to us. John had dived with us 3 years ago, so his death a few months beforehand was devastating news to us.  His words to us were " Team work, its what makes it happen". Again , Thanks to all who came and supported us. There should be a few pics on Phi's Decoweenie website .  

Specifics on U533: (found on the internet)
The U533 was built by Deutsche Werft in Hamburg, probably in 1942, but possibly in 1943. The U533 was unique in that it had modifications performed that no other U-boat had. Additional to the 20 mm FLAK-cannon on the turret, two additional MG151 15mm machineguns were added. However, the MG151 wasn?t designed for water, so it was contained in a vertically placed cylindric watertight container during transport. The captain of the ship wrote a negative report on the construction of these additional machineguns which caused other subs to be equipped with a slightly different setup. The captain was Kplt. Helmut Hennig (Kplt. Meaning Kapitän Leutnant). It was sunk in the Gulf of Oman by aircraft on 17th of October 1943, and there were survivors from the sinking (understandable, because it was likely not submerged pior to, during of after the attack ?until it sank). The aircraft that destroyed them where Bisleys ?E? and ?H? of RAF 244 SQN.  General information of the IXC/40 type U-BoatType IXC/40 was a slight modification of Type IXC with a slightly increased range and somewhat higher surface speed.  87 of this type were built by AG Weser and Seebeck Yard of Bremen, and Deutsche Werft of Hamburg.U-167 - U-168 - U-169 - U-170 - U-183 - U-184 - U-185 - U-186 - U-187 - U-188 - U-189 - U-190 - U-191 - U-192 - U-193 - U-194 - U-525 - U-526 - U-527 - U-528 - U-529 - U-530 - U-531 - U-532 - U-533 - U-534 - U-535 - U-536 - U-537 - U-538 - U-539 - U-540 - U-541 - U-542 - U-543 - U-544 - U-545 - U-546 - U-547 - U-548 - U-549 - U-550 - U-801 - U-802 - U-803 - U-804 - U-805 - U-806 - U-841 - U-842 - U-843 - U-844 - U-845 - U-846 - U-853 - U-854 - U-855 - U-856 - U-857 - U-858 - U-865 - U-866 - U-867 - U-868 - U-869 - U-870 - U-877 - U-878 - U-879 - U-880 - U-881 - U-889 - U-1221 - U-1222 - U-1223 - U-1224 - U-1225 - U-1226 - U-1227 - U-1228 - U-1229 - U-1230 - U-1231 - U-1232 - U-1233 - U-1234 - U-1235 General characteristics Displacement: surfaced 1120 tons, submerged 1232 tons, total 1545 tons Length: overall 76.8 meters, pressure hull 58.7 meters Beam: overall 6.9 meters, pressure hull 4.4 meters Draft: 4.7 meters Height: 9.6 meters Power: surfaced 4400 horsepower, submerged 1000 horsepower Speed: surfaced 19 knots, submerged 7.3 knots Range: surfaced 22,150km (13,850 miles) at 10 knots, submerged 100km (63 miles) at 4 knots Torpedoes: 22 (4 bow, 2 stern tubes) Deck gun: Utof 105/45 with 110 rounds Crew: 48-56 men Max depth: 230m (750 feet)


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