Zeitliche Gliederung der Umbauten an Adm Hipper, Blucher und Prinz Eugen

Begonnen von Antonio Bonomi, 17 April 2007, 15:42:26

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Antonio Bonomi

... surely Hipper left Norway  with Luftwaffe air recognition marks.. than they removed them,.......  in Brest the ship had a very interesting camouflage evolution,..and  drydock changes,..all over,..I had to study all the Brest harbour to realize  the evolutions,.. of the ship,... movement by movement,.. lot of fun,..   :ML:

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Antonio Bonomi

..Ok, so the last one is on grey tones after the many of Blue,  ...  so we have both waiting for  a final call,....  I am sure you have noticed a strange couple of shadows between C and D turrets,...  they tryied to simulate the deck level going down below on HMS Liverpool,.. very clever initiative,.. as painters,..... a good trick  :MZ:     

..but  than they changed the camo scheme to simulate the battleship HMS Revenge,.. that was on that area,...  so this scheme is Grey tones for sure,.... looks similar but it is not the same,..... and if you look at the ship into the dry docks,..were she was,..and in which status after several paintings made,..especially looking at her bow,...   when never saw the water,.. very clean,.. or when she comes back from the sea,..  than you will be able to re-construct all the ship evolutions,.... if you know were she was on the harbour on that moment,.....   I had so much fun,..... doing it,.. and I have to thank a couple of France friends for having helped me with Brest  harbour informations,.. Philippe and Robert,.....  :MZ:
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Antonio Bonomi

 OK, ...you would have noticed on the last camo ...they cleaned the funnel,.. as they realized that HMS Revenge was big and not inclined  back like HMS Liverpool,.. plus they painted the A/A  spherical  directors covers,..

..so after been in dry dock in Germany,..  on March 1942,.. Admiral Hipper reached the Norway anchoring into LoFjord  ( Trondheim ) together with Prinz Eugen and Admiral  Scheer,..and you can see the way she looked at first and soon after,...
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Antonio Bonomi

..more Hipper,.I am sure you have noticed the change of the usual 20 mm  Flak C30 single Werhmacht  mounting she had on top of B and C turrets ,..with a couple of  Flak Vierlings,.. but on C  different than on B,...  with a platform,..  on B only railings,...  plus a radar aft,.. and a vierling on main tower instead of the searchlight,.... and another radar,.... back on top main tower rangefinder,... torpedo tubes with cabinet closed,..and so on,..just enjoy the discovery,...  of the differences,...
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Antonio Bonomi

... more Hipper,..with Rosselspung you saw with Tirpitz I hope, ..  and in those Norway camo's,.. lot to discover still on top turrets colous,..    because they did,.. YES,.... they did change them a lot, ..  but soon I will know more, .....   than the last one dark,..beginning of 1943,.. like Prinz Eugen and Scharnhorst,..... than a long period INACTIVE at Gotenhafen,... 

the last ones,..    a still ' mysterious ' 1944  one,..... with a very  unusual pattern,... and 1944 - 1945 with clear colour,..... and a  very news A/A flakgusn layout,....  interesting I suppose,..never saw a drawing of Admiral Hipper with those on,..... enjoy,...  zwilling and 40 mm Bofors,...

..but what was the  Zarin operation camo in Norway ??, .....  what about Regenbogen ???  .. still lot to discover,.....   fun,...  :O/Y

             Gruss all ,...  and many thanks again to Abram, .... for his hard work .........  BRAVO  :MG:

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Hi Antonio,

great and wonderful work  :TU:) !
Thank you for sharing and a special thank to Abram  :MG: .


Suicide Is Not a War-Winning Strategy

Antonio Bonomi

Thanks Thomas  :O/Y,

I am sure Abram wil llike very much your opinions and impressions, ..  he is very young but very talented to make drawings on electronic format  and especially to learn those ships history, ......  so  I have always to explain everything about the ship on that moment,....  which is very good and helps me on avoiding mistakes,..since it must be  demonstrated,..... but you know  my friend that for me this is addittional fun, ...... and pleasure,....   :MZ:

          Gruss  all....   Antonio  :MG:

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Gruß, Thorsten

"There is every possibility that things are going to change completely."
(Captain Tennant, HMS Repulse, 09.12.1941)

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Hello Antonio

outstanding work my friend   :=D>,

thank you for sharing it with us !
Viele Grüße vom Alpenrand

Antonio Bonomi

Danke schone meine freund,....

...but again... for me it has been a very easy task, .. since I had already made and published same informations  I had on all those KM warships since many years,...  as you well know,.....

..the guy to congratulate is Abram, .. since he learned  about them only lately and very quickly, .. and mostly he needed just few infos after a while to  make all the changes I was driving him  into, .. and I have to tell you that he really impressed me for how fast and well he  was able to follow me soon, ...... sometimes even surprising me,.... with details added  on his initiative,.....  a very good guy,....  BRAVO !

... and of course we are not done yet, .......  you will see........  you know me,......  I am having fun and no stress,....that is what  really counts,.....  :ML:

                                        Ciao  Antonio  :MG:     
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...just now found enough time for really estimating your (and Abram's) work in detail.
That's quite a lot what you've done in these day, Antonio! A very good research, and wonderful drawings, too!

Congatulatione, e felizitatione per avver'trovvato un adiutante si ingegnoso!
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- der Mangel an Beweisen;
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- ein Willensmangel, von Beweisen Gebrauch zu machen;
- die Anwendung falscher Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung.

Antonio Bonomi

Ciao Harold,

first of all,.....   GRAZIE 1000 per il  tubo con documenti, .. stasera lo guardo,......  DANKE !

Si, .. lot of very hard work especially by Abram.... fast and good,...  clever and smart, ....  funny guy to work with, ...  I like it   :O/Y 

Danke schone again,...and be sure soon,.. more to see, .... as long as we have fun, .. we will continue,....  that is the secret,...   :ML:

.. than of course it is a pleasurer to make somebody else happy,..... to stimulate new research and new findings,... so we all learn.

            Ciao  Antonio   :MG:

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Hej Antonio!

So many Thanks to you and to Abram for the work! That is a tremendous gift to the community! Most wonderful pictures in the tradition of Manuel González López' fine drawings. Very, very impressive! And what a job to find both port and starboard of the dazzling schemes!

It is nice to follow the Kriegsmarines lines of thought through the various additions and alterations.

I see you've even included the depth charge racks on the Prinz. Do you have information about why they disappeared after Rheinübung or do you only know from pictures that they disappeared?

I am a scallywag! I should be grateful instead of asking more but I can not help it. Will there one day be a 'Last Hipper' showing her in her Deutsche Werke Dock camouflage? I would love that one though I have to admit that it would be very difficult to find information about the colours of her last paint scheme.

Ha, ha – I am horrible – so much work and I ask for extras. Take it as a compliment my friend!  :-D

Thanks again to both of you!


Antonio Bonomi

Ciao UFO and all,

many thanks and congratulations to you for yor new responsibility from my side, .. I do not know you personally,.. but I do know  personally the majority of the crew here in,...so I know you are among very good and talented persons,.. so I am happy for you  :O/Y

YES, you got it,..  I always wanted to show the ships 3 views,..  since been a modeler I know how it is when you know one piece of it,..and do not have the informations about the rest of the ship,..  you go simply crazy   :MLL: ... that is why I asked Abram to follow my approach  even with the hull showed every time both sides,.. because those drawings in the future could be also used to study  hits received, damages suffered, and so on,.. by historian researchers,.. I was also  thinking to add the compartments in Latin numbers initially,..but than I thought it was a bit too much..... :MZ:

About the depth charges launchers on Prinz Eugen ( triple  ) and Admiral Hipper ( 3 singles ) I only know they decided to remove them, I do not know the real reason why, I suppose  that been used as raiders  the cruisers were no longer  going to hunt for submarines, .. and even if Prinz Eugen used them in Denmark Strait, .. they took them out  anyhow.
Same thing for the refuelling rings,.... on Prinz Eugen,.. so secret that many times were censored on photos too.

I do not know the slang  ' scallywag' .. but I got the point I hope,....  and I will ask Abram if he want to play with it,.. there are either colour and close photos enough to try to make it right,.. or close to it,... we will see....  what he thinks.

Allow me to ask anybody that do have photos of Admiral lHipper on may 1945  in Kiel  at the Deutsche Werke dock or  ...  the wreck  of Adm Hipper at Heikendorf bay, to send them to me as private email attachment, so I could count on all sources possible for infos,.. recently many more surfaced,.. but I am sure you guys could have more and better pics.

Thanks again also from Abram,...  and lets see what will come,...soon,... :MZ:

                 Ciao  Antonio  :MG:

'' ... Ich habe keine besondere begabung, sondern bin leidenschaftlich neugierig ''.    A. Einstein


I have never see German Warships drawings with this quality & progression month by month.
:-o  :-o  :-o

That is really a fantastic work  :-o
Many many thanks to Antonio & Abram.

Jef :MG:
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