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The Greek passenger steamer AVLIS was bombed on 22.4.41 at Rafina and sunk while requisitioned as a patrol boat in the South Evoicos Gulf.
An eyewitness account mentions that the wreck was salvaged by the German forces a few months after her sinking.
However, in the "liste der bereits geborgenen schiffe" compiled in October 1941 by the German authorities, AVLIS is not mentioned neither as salvaged, neither to be salvaged.
The wreck is not mentioned in the lists of the wrecks compiled after the end of the war by the Greek salvage organization OAN, meaning that she was no longer at Rafina.
Any information on what happened with AVLIS during 1941-44 is most welcomed.

By the way, the story of AVLIS and the rest of Kavounides ships are presented in an article published this month by

Also, the fist photo shown at is clearly not AVLIS but a much different and smaller vessel.

I attach a more complete version of this photo which was taken in the Strait of Poros Island. The first ship (to the left) is definitely MANA, the second is definitely TRIGLIA and the third is the one shown at HMA as AVLIS.
MANA appears further away than the others, but the second and third ships are lined up and provide a good comparison for their dimensions. I note on the photo each ones length according to the pixels of the line I drew below.
MANA which was 41 meters long and is more than 270 pixels long in this photo.
TRIGLIA was 33 meters long and is 259 pixels.
AVLIS was 40.1 meters long so she should be 314 pixels long. However the ship in the photo is only 256 pixels long. So the third ship should be about the length of TRIGLIA, i.e around 33 meters.
From the ships that sailed in the Saronicos in those years, the most probable candidate is the CHRYSO which was 33.2 meters long. She was a former yacht which is apparent in the lines of this ship.

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