Dampfer TETI F.

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Concerning the following input at http://www.historisches-marinearchiv.de/projekte/verluste_griechenland/ausgabe.php?lang=1&rubrik=%&where_value=580
Zitat29.02.1944, 14: 30 Uhr, im Hafen der Insel Iios (s. Insel Nios) durch alliierten Luftangriff beschädigt. [L][H]
04.03.1944 im Hafen der Insel Santorini von alliierten Flugzeugen erneut angegriffen und beschädigt. Das Schiff war von Kreta nach Piräus in Marsch. [L]

There are two separate sources mentioning that TETI F. was actually sunk in Ios Island. The list of motor-sailing ships sunk during 1940-44 published in Naftika Chronika includes TETI F., with register number, owners etc in place, and mentions that she was sunk by British aircraft at Ios on 2/44.
Also the list of salvaged wartime wrecks complied by Commander I. Melissinos mentions TETI F. as having been raised in Ios. (attached)

Let me add that TETI F./DIMITRIOS was deleted from the Greek registers on 24/12/1953 with the reason that she was arrested on 10/45 by the British because of carrying Jewish illegal immigrants and she was taken to Haifa where she was abandoned half sunk.
Also the 1942 sale to Mercantile Maritime & Commercial S.A. was cancelled by court order on 6/1947 and hence all subsequent transactions.

There is a potential photo of DIMITRIOS at: www.wertheimer.info/family/GRAMPS/Haapalah/img/7/c/bc6644c1155767a46c7.html

For further reading on TETI F. check at http://pages14-18.mesdiscussions.net/pages1418/Forum-Pages-d-Histoire-aviation-marine/marine-1914-1918/ambitieux-patrouilleur-sujet_3386_1.htm#t43083 for some extra info on the vessel and a potential photo.
And further discussion was made at: http://www.nautilia.gr/forum/showthread.php?182456-%D3%DF%EA%E9%ED%EF%F2-(Horta-Cigale-Teti-F-Dimitrios)-amp-A%ED%DC%F6%E7-(%C1%F6%F1%FC%F2-Ambitieux-Hjorleifur)
Lastly, she was one of the vessels presented on the article "Whalers in the Aegean" published by Okrety Wojenne in issue 130 2/2015 http://okretywojenne.pl/ow/katalog/?aid=7&ctid=144.


Some new information came up during a research.
In November 1957 the cargo motorship PROFITIS ILIAS was registered in Piraeus as "under reconstruction in Perama". She was listed as: 125 grt, 29.86 x 5.22 m. The Piraeus Register mentions that she was "formerly named GAVRIEL under the flag of Israel, register number 37,  and previously named DIMITRIOS."

DIMITRIOS was the last name of TETI F. and under that name she was abandoned and half sank in Haifa, being deleted from the Greek Register at the end of 1953. It is probable that DIMITRIOS (ex-TETI F.) is the same ship as PROFITIS ILIAS (ex-GAVRIEL, ex-DIMITRIOS.)
If someone can provide more information on the "number 37" of the Israeli register, it could help to verify this story.

PROFITIS ILIAS was sold again in 1957 and renamed ELENI I, but her final history was not recorded.


A photo taken and recently send by Robert McCabe shows ELENI I at Naxos.

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