Attack against an MFP convoy by HMS URGE 29 April 1942

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According to Italian archival material collected by my good friend Francesco Mattesini, two small convoys of MFPs left Benghazi bound for Derna on 28 April 1942, the first  made up of F 150, 154 & 156 at 10.00/28, and second, made up of F 152 & F 158, at 20.00/28. The first convoy joined at sea with the Italian schooner SAN GIUSTO, 243 grt/1915, requisitioned by the Regia Marina as V.32, also bound for Derna but from Navarinon, which she had left at 09.15/27, with a load of land mines.

When anchored off Ras-el-Hilal  the next  morning at 08.10/29, the first convoy came under surface attack by an enemy submarine, tentatively identified by the Belgian diver and shiplover Jean-Pierre Misson as the URGE, which had sailed from Malta on 27 April bound for Alexandria during the evacuation of the Malta submarine base. The submarine, however, came under attack on her turn by a force of several (seven) Regia Aeronautica CR.42 fighters of 153a Squadriglia Caccia from Benghazi, one of which claimed to have near-missed the boat by about 50 feet with two 50-kg bombs. The submarine was forced to submerge, and the contention by Jean-Pierre Misson is that she was sunk, her wreck having been identified by him as URGE on the basis of sonar imaging off Ras-el-Hilal (no diving is obviously possible in that area). URGE went missing around  that time, she never reached Alexandria.
A large amount of material on this subject can be found on the AIDMEN forum.
Is anybody able to support this conclusion on the basis of the 2. Landungsflottille KTBs?


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is there still any interest in the KTB?



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