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I apologize for writing in English but I need some assistance.

This was for sale recently as a U Boat Air Vent.

It is definitely German in origin. It has come from a wreck as it is both twisted and bent- struck from the top. No detail as to whether it was a fishing net find or from a diver.

It measures 12 cm x 12 cm across the flange and is 10 cm tall.

There is a steel tube threaded into the lower bronze body. The section above the flange has several vent holes. The internal upper section would normally rotate using the upper slot - to open and close the air vent.

It only has a number 15 stamped on the flange.

Is this from a U boat or a surface vessel ?
If it is a U boat is a deck fitting or internal ?

I have been looking at many deck images and only possible on Type IX ?

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