Schiffstamm abteilung for minensuchboot crew

Begonnen von bluebird, 26 Februar 2024, 19:31:53

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Any help please.
Where were the crew for "minensuchboot "trained . Could this be with any "schiffstamm abteilung " or was there  an individual place .

Maurice Laarman

Bluebird, I have met around 30 veterans of the 14.SStA in Breda, and they all went in different directions ands units. Some U-Boat, others Sperrbrecher, others Marineflak, ect. The SStA provided basic training. After this a more specific training would be followed, or several, and then a tour with for example, a Minesweeper.

Others came already to the ship when it was being constructed on the yard, for the Baubelehrung, to get to know the details of the ship on which they had to do duty. See more:

Kind regards,



Thankyou for your reply. it makes things a lot clearer.
One more point. Were new recruits sent to the nearest "Schiffstamm Abteilung " to their home or could it be anywhere?

Maurice Laarman

It could have been that you end up in the region, but there were not that many, so more likely to end up somewhere else. In the Netherlands for example, while you live in Thuringen, Bayern, or Cologne, ect.

I wrote an article about the 20.SStA in Ede, NL:

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