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Shipyards building/repairing Kriegsmarine boats in Greece

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Kugler, Landungswesen, S. 77 etwa in der Mitte:
" ... so die späteren Generale .... Herrmann, Hopf ..."
Im Personenverzeichnis auf Seite 719 ist sein Rang dann mit Generalmajor angegeben, allerdings hier nur mit einem r, aber vermutlich dürfte der Schiffsname die korrekte Schreibweise wiedergeben.

One more thing...In Schenk's book (Kampf um die Agais) there is an interesting picture of a Bettonschiff being launched at Perama (you can a second one in the background). A certain Rewald is named as the source of this picture . Does anyone know if this guy, or anyone else served there during the war? I would be very intersted if I could find any pictures, memoires etc relevand with the launching, repairing and equiping German ships in Greece during the period. I'm especially looking for any information that has to do with the relations of Greek businesses and the German military (the Bettonschiffe were built by Greek companies for the Germans under the supervision of Oberstleutnant Goetsche).


Theo und Kalli, Ich bedanke mich für Euer Interesse

Alles in Ordnung bei mir, war sehr beschäftigt in den letzten Monaten mit einem update meines Kr.Marine Buches (die neue Auflage wurde mit neuen Erkentnissen um 40 Seiten erweitert).

Ausserdem schreibe Ich ein neus Buch über die deutsche Luftwaffe in Griechenland, ebenfalls ein unerforschtes Gebiet, mit grossen Schwierigkeiten verbunden.

Es ist wirklich ein sehr interessantes Photo vom Freund "V" mit dem Betonschiff "General Herrmann". Ich nehme an, es wurde so zu Ehren des Kommandierenden Genarals der Pioniere in der Zeit bei der Heeresgruppe E, 10.11.41-13.07.44 Gen.Major Paul Herrmann benannt.
Soviel Ich weiss, war das Boot im Herbst 1944 fertiggestellt unter der Baultg. vom Obstlt. Götsche (Stahlbeton Schiffsbau, Werft in Perama, Fp.Nr 40 359)
Adj. bis 05.10.44    Hptm. Ernst Arnoldy  (bis 05.10.44  beim Schiffsbau Götsche). Arnoldy war zuständig für dem Kontakt mit den griechischen Firmen die mit Götsche zusammenarbeiteten.

This is the picture I was talking about from Schenk's book. If anyone knows of this Rewald (I hope I’ve got the spelling right) or anyone else please tell me....Is Schenk a member of this forum?
Byron: interesting information about Arnoldy. Do you have any more documents? (you don't have to post anything, just tell where to look...).
As I suggested before I'm interested in the economic side of things. In fact I started looking at the Greek economy as a whole, including the delivery of tobacco and chrome to Germany, the various factories that had some relation with the Germans and the Italians (especially in the textile and food industry), even the repair and maintenance of Luftwaffe planes in Greece (several buildings of Greek factories were used for this purpose for BMW, Daimler-Benz and Junkers and one was completely taken over by Siebel). At the end I came to the conclusion that the best example to have as the centre of my study is the Bettonschiffe affair, since in it an important part of the Greek heavy industry (the part that continued working anyway) was involved (metal, cement, shipbuilding, even building construction and civil engineering). I've found plenty of info so far, but my research is still ongoing and any help is welcome!

@  V

the last picture "Pionier 1" you posted (Rehwald collection) is from Dr.Schenks book, but where is Betonschiff  "Gen. Herrmann" coming from?

Regarding the constructions of "Götsche", I remember he was involved in a bridge project over the Isthmus of Corinth. There are some pages and sketches about it in a wardiary of Heeresgruppe E or Befehlshaber Südgriechenland, I can`t remember any more the NARA roll Nr., I have more than twenty of them and no time to search, vorgive me.
I don`t have any more details about Arnoldy as far as i can remeber.

Dr. Peter Schenk is a member of our Forum, take a look in the rubric "Mitglieder".


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